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Opportunity Resources Inc. welcomes questions and calls from board members and executives of not for profit cultural organizations. Resumes and general inquiries are accepted. If your background and experience are appropriate for our practice, we will include your information in our database and will contact you in the future.

Our privacy policy:

We use your personal data (any of the following information we may have: e-mail address, phone, address of your current institution, employment history, educational background, and any other personal information you provide to us) to send you our digital newsletters and to contact you to discuss employment opportunities in the not-for-profit cultural field in the U.S. Data submitted in or with resumes may be shared with our client organizations. We handle your data carefully and never disclose it to third parties other than our clients without your consent, and we never sell or use your personal data for advertising purposes.
By submitting your information to us, you are consenting to these uses of your personal data.


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