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At Opportunity Resources Inc. we are fully immersed in the not-for-profit cultural sector. Whether we’re participating at conferences, speaking on panels or connecting with clients, old and new, we are attuned to industry issues and overall cultural and business trends.

We often come across insights we want to share with friends and colleagues. Here is a selection of old favorites and new gems. Some are written about the private sector but we think have relevance for non-profits as well.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading through our current selection of articles:

  • Read Anna Ranieri’s piece in the Harvard Business Review for valuable advice on How to Know if Your Candidate is Ready to Be a Manager. It’s here.
  • Anne Ackerson shares insights on the Three Most Important Nonprofit Executive Director Soft Skills to look for and support in your next director. Read it here.
  • What makes a consultant successful? You might be surprised and challenged. Read the Linkedin article by Anand Damani here.
  • Frances Frei and Anne Morriss write about “organizational culture” in the Harvard Business Review. What is it, and how do you get better at it? Here.
  • What makes a remarkable employee? The answers from Jeff Haden at Inc.com will enlighten you. Read the article here.
  • How to Get Feedback When You’re the Boss. From the Harvard Business Review, one of our favorite sources for analysis. It’s here.
  • Learn to be Charismatic. In another gem from the Harvard Business Review, Scott Edinger breaks it down here.
  • Surprising and incisive comments on the challenges facing history museums in New York State from Anne Ackerson. Find her article here.
  • How to Tell if You Have Leadership Potential. From blogger Penelope Trunk. Read it here.
  • Asking for Gifts: Why Your Development Consultant Won’t Do It For You. Jim Hackney of Haas Counsel, one of the most expert fundraising consultants in the country, explains how and why the relationships museum directors cultivate with donors are so essential, here.
  • For Real Influence, Listen Past Your Blind Spots. The Harvard Business Review Blog Network ran this piece, one of a series, about how to really listen in order to learn and understand. Read it here.