Executive Search for Not-for-Profit Cultural Institutions

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How Our Process Works

Outstanding Service and State-of-the-Art Methodology

At Opportunity Resources Inc., each stage of our process has been developed and refined during 25-plus years of successful recruitment. We provide our clients with the highest standards of service and state-of-the-art methodology. Our engagement begins with an in-depth on-site analysis and does not end until the new candidate is integrated into his or her new leadership role.

Assignment Study
Our on-site assignment study involves meeting with the Search Committee, trustees, staff members and others with whom the new incumbent will have working relationships, in order to gain a complete understanding of the position, the organization’s needs and objectives and its culture.

Position Description
Following the site visit and in consultation with the Search Committee, we develop a thoroughly thought-out and clearly articulated Position Description reflecting the demands of the position, the qualifications required of the individual most likely to succeed in the position and the specific short- and long-term expectations of the new hire.

Recruiting Strategy
We begin by combing our proprietary database of thousands of professionals identified through our ongoing research and engagement with the field. We also mine our rich and diverse long-standing contacts for the most promising up-and-coming and “out-of-the-box” talent. We develop the pool of possible candidates by targeting and actively recruiting individuals whom we know and feel are highly qualified for the position.

Many of the best candidates will only respond to a direct approach and we aggressively recruit them, regardless of whether these individuals are seeking new employment.

Interviewing and Evaluating Candidates
We thoroughly vet and critically evaluate the experience and academic credentials of all candidates. Viable candidates are interviewed, first on the phone, and then in person, to assess intangible qualities such as personal demeanor and fit with our clients, as well as experience and academic credentials.

Creating a Short List
After the interviews are completed we select a slate of the top candidates to present to our client for consideration.

Checking References
We check references with former employers, colleagues and third parties and verify academic credentials.

Presentation of Candidates
We prepare a written report on each of the candidates that includes both the professional qualifications and fit with the organization and its culture. After the client selects the candidates they wish to interview in person, we schedule the interviews, provide guidance, and participate in the interview process as needed.

Assistance with Employment Offer
We use our knowledge of salary and benefits to assist in developing and offering a suitable compensation package.

Communications and Reporting to Search Committee
We view the search process as a collaborative team effort between ourselves and our client and provide frequent status reports via email, phone calls and in person.

Ongoing Resource
Our commitment to our clients extends well beyond our search assignments. We remain available to respond to questions and to offer informal advice and counsel on a variety of issues.

Guarantee of Placement
If the selected candidate is terminated for cause during the first year, or resigns for any reason other than a significant change in the responsibilities or authority of the position, we will re-do the entire search for out-of-pocket expenses only.